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free falling


A difficult shot to take, considering I was mid-air too.

Do you ever imagine just lying down in a field of flowers and staring at the sky all day?

Yes, this place does exist, I’ve seen it right before my eyes. 

Change is good… right?

So I just went all the way to the beginning and deleted every unoriginal post I have ever reblogged, because I guess I felt the need to be an original. I’m sorry to anyone who’s disappointed but this feel right :)

I’m not a christian, but sitting in the church that day I felt a calm I have never felt before. 

I’m feeling really creative and I can’t focus :/ I have an exam tomorrow, but I just want to go and write.

13 years went by so fast

If I lay here…
If I just lay here…
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

“ My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations ”

—    The fault in our stars, John Green

Things that make me sad:

An unused camera gathering dust on the shelf

An insecure teenager obsessing over herself in the mirror

A working mother who tells herself she’s doing the best for kids

A battered paperback used as a paperweight

An overweight boy telling himself he chooses to be alone

Rapid sketches of people

Saw this on weheartit. I had to draw it.